Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jog & Emma

One of my long-time friend, Jog, has just tied the knot with her long-time girlfriend, fellow Geologist Emma, last January 8 at St. Pancratius Chruch in Paco (yes, the same one where Jay and Sarah wed). Another January wedding for me too, just like last year when Rock married her long-time girlfriend Mau.

In this wedding, Honey and I realized a lot of things, so many things that it made our head hurts. Oh the intricacies of weddings, the preparations, the moment itself, the reception until the honeymoon stage.

But I realized this, weddings has a way of making a sentimental fool out of anyone. It makes you ponder about forever (and its implications) and definitely it makes you ponder about your own age.

Jog is the first guy and a friend I saw who cried while walking down the aisle which I was 100% sure was because of absolute happiness.

Congratulations! Your forever begins hereon.

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sarsi said...

haay naku ang daming kinakasal. at tama ka, and daming details ng kasal. mag-paplan na ko ngayon pa lang. haha