Monday, January 11, 2010

Kay Ganda ng Pilipinas!

From time to time, I make sure to stop by Mr. Our Awesome Planet man himself's - Anton Diaz - blog. Today, completing my backlog readings, I came across this:

"There are only two types of Pinoys in the country: those who prefer to travel to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Hong Kong Disneyland for vacation because it seems more economically convenient to do so, and those Pinoys who have fallen in love with the Philippines and have committed to discovering its beauty and hidden gems
, proud to put local exploration before foreign travel. So, which one are you?"
Yes, I do dream of traveling to other countries, experiencing new cultures, taking in new sights, forging future relationship with the people on the country of my dream but I never took for granted what my home country can offer too. And while I am still saving up for grander and obviously fancier trips in the future (hopefully!), it is my utmost priority to finish exploring and traveling in my own country. And come to think of it, I'm actually, albeit slowly, getting there.

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