Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Love

Last night was dedicated to watching the newly downloaded episodes 12 of both The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother series. And boy was I in for some precious entertainment?

You bet. Episode 12 of HIMYM is particularly special because it is the series' 100th episode which meant that there is a musical involved!

Barney Stinson totally nailed it! He was just legen - wait for it - dary that I totally enjoyed their 100th episode presentation.
Raj gave his limited edition Green Lantern lantern to Sheldon in exchange for some night out, being his wingman, and nodding at pretty much what Raj says to girls.

Nothing suits Barney like a suit.


sarsi said...

ang cute nung green latern's lantern.

Marcy said...

bonjour marye!
why dont you drop by my blog?
u might find something interesting there like my take on "Avatar" the movie and other post prandial reflections???
and i mean please naman...

Marye said...

Sure po! Will drop by from time to time :)