Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Starting the Year with a ROADTRIIIP!

Bored kids went to a roadtrip. Thinking where to go, we managed to narrow it down to North or South. South means that the farthest we can probably go is Batangas. But a certain someone just came from Bats so, North it is.

It was my first time to be with these boys on a long trip but there never was an awkward moment, even when we were practically shelling out money for someone because he has no dough at all, even when we were quite cranky and getting lost already and yes, even after the disastrous horror house. Disastrous in the sense that I honestly haven't seen boys as coward as them. But I say this with pure affection. That these boys can scream like the sissiest boys on Earth but wouldn't care a thing. In fact, they can say it with pride. I love that I learned a thing or two on how they analyze stuff, including, YES, romance.

In fairness, there are seconds that they do make sense. It just doesn't last long especially when naughtiness and playfulness comes in between.

A totally rocking experience.

Approaching SCTEX. Have you ever driven SCTEX at night? It's pretty scary.

This horror house scared the hell out of these five guys. SERIOUSLY. All I could do was shake my head.

Boys being boys: silly and goofy.

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