Thursday, May 10, 2007

why does it always rain on me, travis?

it's times like these i wish i had a normal loving family who would take me and cuddle me in their warm arms to assure me that yes, i'd still have them around after a long and stressful day. a normal family who wouldn't mind that I'm still under their roof because it happened that I'm still unemployed. a family that I can talk to of how my day went: was it bloody or gory? mothers and fathers who take care of children simply because they are children and they have the right to be taken care of. Well, those are stuff that i will never, ever find out nor experience for myself, at least not in this lifetime.

i wish all my friends right now were just next door so i can knock the door down, flop myself in the mutilated but comfy sofa and just cry my heart out, runny nose or not they couldn't care less. friends who would hear out all the strange news that I've been getting on my birthday freaking eve. their presence is enough to calm my infested, tired, small brain. given there's still left amidst all this madness.

i wish genies were real and actually grants three wishes to whoever sets them free (given that i was the one who set him free). all right since i'm desperate i could even settle for one.

i wish i wasn't such a dud for opening my tear ducts for like about every other hour. gawd i'm beginning to sound like an emo child. in clinics, in bookstores, in bus. tsktsk.


an ad i saw along EDSA while on the bus on my way home:
" a must have cake for May"
..jeez, you are so thoughtful Red Ribbon. i too, felt the tears that came out of nowhere.


Hannee said...

wish i was there marye :) then we'll just hang around sunken eating a cake or doing nothing at all..miss you

Marye said...

yeah, me too. wish everbody were just an arms length away. though it sounds so selfish but i really did actually wish for it..