Wednesday, May 02, 2007

First day Blues Over and Out

and so i started my first day of training yesterday on, ironically, a labor day. oh well, they don't give a darn in holidays whatsoever. so as expected, i was trembling all over when my name was called first to introduce in front of my "classmates". Pambihira. I have to really think fast for that. yaddah,yaddah. pero in fairness, i made friends real fast. haha! even though it's very obvious that we all came from different schools, environment. age were pretty much diverse. it didn't really matter much. and would you believe that there were actually more men than women there and yes, there were actually a few cuties. haha! ang aga pa para pag-usapan ang mga yan.for now, work,work,work muna.

the best part of that day? going home with a bunch of new friends. we really look silly walking all the way from san miguel avenue to Megamall to take the bus. but it was a good kind of silliness.

Hooray for me on my first day!

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