Saturday, May 05, 2007

So Not OK.

So the first day blues might have skipped me but now i'm having second and third thoughts on "second days" as well. It was already a bad thing to be told that you can't attend your training but it's also another thing to be sent home, again, for the second time. Okay. So i heard i'm having a problem. And huge for that. Of course, if i conditioned myself that it was a good thing, i can happily accept that. and if i wanted to be narrowminded (which luckily i'm not) i could just shrug the whole thing off. But how? after all the difficulties that I had to endure just to get here and all the difficulties of the people i managed to get involved, how would i move forward? Apparently the mountful of bottled feelings have already passed and what is left are just tiny pieces of sanity that i'm strongly holding on to.

So in case i sound, look or feel like a lost or troubled or supergiddy gal, just blame it on the bad case feeling of being laid off. Whut?!

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