Tuesday, May 22, 2007

updates from below

for the nth time, i picked another template (which also sucked like the previous ones) and had to start another chatterbox. gosh. when will anything coordinate?

i'm still on the hunt and wondering wide awake when to get out of this slump. it's too frustrating hearing about successful people (not that i'm bitter or what, just plain envious) and people who expects a lot from you just because you came from a reputable school. hello? does underemployment ring a bell? last week, we met a man from this job fair and he was so surprised when he found out that we (my friends and I) are still unemployed after graduation. because according to him - who comes from UP himself (with emphasis here) -  landing a job never came to be a problem. ano ba kuya?? kailangan namin ng suporta hindi mockery with matching kunot-noo face from you!!! hoo boy.

anyhoo, just wanna share this. haha. guess where.

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