Thursday, September 21, 2006

the miles (or kilometres) you have to run for friendship

Since this happened last night (and i was still inspired to write then), i'll have to copy from my journal to retell (tama ba?) forthnight events. haha. so kumusta naman sa kadramahan?

september 21, 2006, 2:20 am
tonight was another round of usual "up there" moments. Although everyone knows that i don't drink i am an ever present member. Tonight's drama was one of a kind. I realized though that:

*being sane or the only alcohol-free person can be tiring too (para kang may mga anak na saksakan ng kukulit at the same time nag-iiyakan pa!haha). But if you are with your friends, it's somewhat rewarding in the sense that it is the only service you can do for them for bringing you there in the first place. And yes, being alcohol-free has a great compensation too!!!) :)

*honestly, ----'s revelation wasn't that shocking nor even new to me anymore. probably it's because of the fact na bago pa man ang lahat na ito, tinanggap ko na sa sarili ko ang possibility na maging sila ni crush in the future. Sobrang nakatulong yun at proud naman ako sa sarili k na malinawa na yun sakin. nad that's that. Although may booze na involved at that time, pero c'mon, di naman ako engot para balewalain yung comment na yun. Subconsciously, matagal na din nyang naiisip din siguro yun, di lang nya masabi sakin ng normal sya. Pero ayos lang naman talaga. :)

*sometimes, there are people whose beliefs you can disregard for a day (or short time only). Who knows we might have been interfering an age-old belief of theirs, whether for good or for bad. But we have to take into consideration that we can't rush somebody into anything that we want them to believe. It'll take time of course, and hope in vain that they'll realize it soon before its too late.

*true friends will embrace you for everything that you are no matter how much you fall short, whatever you lack and even if you're too full of yourself. We might not see the need of proclaiming our undying loyalty to our friends regularly but it helps from time to time to tell them, to let them know (or feel) how much we appreciate them, how good (or bad!) we've become because of them and how grateful we are knowing that a loving and steady arms will catch or break our every fall. In this world of superficiality, your friends don't want to hear of grand or elaborate stuff to make them feel good...sometimes, the "little things" matter much more than just our great intentions.

so para sa iyo, na inspirasyon ng lahat na ito, ituloy mo lang yan. at least mas matutuwa kami kung may makikita kaming pagbabago sa'yo. be consistent kahit gradual, sabi ko nga sayo sa text. hindi mo ikamamatay kung aminin mo sa sarili mo na all this time, you really care for us. :)

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