Monday, September 04, 2006

the one they've been waitng for (and maybe, subconsciously, me too.)

i do admit it now. after being inspiration-less and crush-less for the longest time (if you could consider my fanaticism for Ping Medina as one, then so be it) i am now once again a normal human being. It's quite hard to fit in in this world especially when other people's definition of normal and abnormal dwells on the number of people you have and DON'T have in your life. I guess it's one of the most frustrating feelings in the world to be asked and be prodded about: the "important" people in your life. If you tell them that family and friends are the important people (note: i don't have the same answer as theirs!), they won't be satisfied and will ask you again about the "more" important ones. E sa wala nga e.Ano bang problema dun? You know well what i'm actually driving at. ayoko lang talaga banggitin yung phrase na yun.

Nwey, that's that. the bigger news of my boring, monotonous but chaotic life. and so i guess, i'm gonna be one paranoid and giggling girl again. so much for inspiration and being sane.

hayun lang :)


sarsi said...

at sino naman ang maswerteng yun?

Marye said...

uhhmmm.sige, pag-usapan natin sya sa treat mo samin nila pam at juraine. hahahaha!!!