Wednesday, September 13, 2006

the evolution of ron, harry and hermione

Last weekend I got the chance to reread Harry Potter books again (after my dreadful exams twas my relaxation moment..sorta). And as always, they (characters) never disappoint. i am still enthralled, amazed and touched everytime i finished reading these books.even after reading them a few more times i bet i will never, ever get tired of reading them over and over again. I so LOVE them. I am still a Harry Potter fanatic at heart despite everything. :)

look at 'em. they were so young then (of course they were!)

and then the second installment came out..

..and this was way, way an improvement for their looks. at least they looked like any ordinary growing up kids with just the right stuff,

..and the latest.
Can't wait for the Book (sadly the last too) 7. I can't wait for lucky 07-07-07 next year. yey! kahit na mamaga na mata ko sa pagbabasa sa ebook makabasa lang i'm all down for you glorious seh-ven!
Syempre there's also the fifth movie installation, the Order of the Phoenix. Can't wait to see Sirius again, Luna Lovegood (who really looks like Loony!!!) and Dolores Umbridge (that *%@#&!)

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