Friday, July 06, 2012

Of Revenge, Suits and Scandal

My friend Reg has been bugging us for the longest time to watch Revenge but you know me, I have so many unimportant stuff going on I don't make the time to watch TV series anymore. So when I finally did, boy I was hooked. As in literally I would stay up late into the night (or morning) watching a few episodes. I even missed to download episode 21 so I streamed it online before watching the season finale episode lol. So thank you, Reg!!

Whaddya say? In Manila, we have all sorts of telenovelas similar to Revenge but you know, without the Hamptons and all that richie-rich stuff. I love Nolan Ross. Poor Jack Porter. Meh Emily Thorne. Even Meh-er Daniel Grayson. Ick Amanda Clarke (not the real one). Ugh Conrad. Ugh-er Charlotte Grayson. Poorer Declan Porter. Vavavavoom Victoria Grayson. Haha. I know she's annoying but I really like how Madeleine Stowe's playing the Victoria character. You know what, Nolan Ross and Victoria Grayson are the only characters who make Revenge interesting and worth watching :)

So what do you think of the season finale? I don't know about you but Victoria Grayson is sure as hell not dead. Yun lang pohw!

Oh Suits. Oh Harvey Specter. Oh Mike Ross. Are all lawyers in New York these hot? Harvey will definitely get into your nerves but you'll love him and you can't go back (Sorry Donna!) hee. 

And don't get me started with Harvey and Donna ship. OMG best tandem/couple ever! Not that a romantic relationship has already been established between these two but I'm betting my ass they had a thing years ago!! Setting aside emotional competence, do you think Harvey sees himself with Mike? I mean relationship-wise and intelligence-wise? 

Oh man. The agony of waiting for new episodes each week. Give us moooore!!

Olivia Pope and Associates. Gladiator in Suits. I see a trend (or it's normal. yeah it could be) that lawyers talk really, really fast and have really, really long speeches when they're threatening someone or if they want that person to have a change of heart. 

Like Suits, Scandal is a very smart show. You think you know but you really don't know. I really want Olivia to be happy and fine, President Fitz too, but Cyrus Beene summed it up with “Some men aren’t meant to be happy. They’re meant to be great.” Ano pang laban mo dun di ba!? Kaya please Olivia, kayo na lang ni David hihihi.

Frankly, this show has the best season cliffhanger ever. Who the heck are you Quinn Perkins?!? Not even a clue. Will have to wait for season 2 for answers, bummer.

Right now Homeland marathon is still ongoing so I'll give my (unnecessary) thoughts about the show when I'm done watching it.

Happy Friday!

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