Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Chef's Quarter

As a payday tradition, we went to eat somewhere nice. We were supposed to eat at Yabu but dios mio, we're #13 on their waiting list. Wag na.

We ended up in this quiet restaurant on the 3rd floor of Atrium, Chef's Quarter.

The menu.

We ordered their Caprese with Mushroom. It was good! I had fun rolling them but most especially, munching them.

My friend Romy ordered this Seafood Paella which actually taste good.

Ten, on the other hand, ordered Peppered Steak French-Style in light cognac sauce with salad and mashed potato on the side.

While I had the Lamb Spareribs Provencale with potato confit, grilled tomato and lemon wedge. This is where my problem started.

We were about to pay and for some reason can't seem to get the total straight despite numerous computations. When I finally found the reason for this, I was dismayed. It said on the menu that a solo order costs PhP195 but I seemed to have missed the "per 100 grams" on the side. And I was fairly sure that it didn't say on the menu that the minimum gram is 200 but there it was. I wished they could have just written down that on the menu so it won't misled people like us who thought that a 195-peso lamb spareribs was a really good deal. But like anything else in this world, it was too good to be true.


ponkan said...

wahaha flop! masarap ba?

Marye said...

Okay naman e. Until that thing happened pfft. Hindi na kita dadalhin dito haha.