Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back in Cebu!

It's been a long while since I was in Cebu so I was pretty excited for this break away from the office VBs. Our flight (via Airphil Express) went smoothly, no delays wow! We landed at exactly 8am in Mactan International Airport where JC's dad was waiting for us. We went to his brand new house in Mandaue City which reminded me a lot of  JC's aunt place in NorthTown, just smaller. 

A sneak peak.

We had these for breakfast. Fresh na fresh!

After breakfast we hung out at JC's dad office (trucking business hehe) while waiting for Lyn to get her hair done. But first, we dropped by here and bought a kilo of lechon for our lunch later.

When all 3 of us got too bored out of our wits, we decided to follow Lyn and wait for her at Pacific Mall. We sat/walked at the food court and bought some fruits in the grocery. JC and I even managed to play a game of hoops in Worlds of Fun. hwoo.

Finally hair got fixed and we were on the road to Balamban. It was my first time in that area. Balamban is like Cebu's version of Tagaytay/Baguio. It's cool and full of greeneries.

We dropped by his Aunt's yet another vacation house. Construction was still going on but you can already make out that this'll be one very cool vacation house once it's finished. Oh to be rich and famous.

There's a trend of furniture used in each of their many houses: woods and this from photo below, whatever that material is. Rattan? Buri? Basta. those furniture made by Cobonpue, they have that! No surprise there, the guy came from Cebu.

I love the design of these table and chairs!

The pond is still under construction...

Look! Heart-shaped pond. Cheesy! hahaha

I love this bamboo tree. So huge! It looks so calming.

After our late lunch here, we hopped back into the car then proceeded to our real purpose of coming to Balamban: zipline! 

Adventure Cafe, Balamban, Cebu

We went to Adventure Cafe which boasts as the first Resto Adventure in the Philippines. Pretty neat! Besides, fee is only 150 pesos. Very affordable.

Adventure Cafe, Balamban, Cebu

Adventure Cafe, Balamban, Cebu
We're going on the other side. Exciting!

Here's JC and I after our harnesses have been strapped, donning Black Diamond helmets (ang soshal!).

I always get scared pre-ride, be they extreme theme rides, wall climbing or ziplines kaya grabe ang paalala ko kay Kuya na wag muna nya ko itulak hangga't hindi pa ko handa feeling ko kasi tatraydurin nya ko hahaha. Once I got over past that anxiety attack, adrenaline rush started to kick in and the time of my life ensued, well, more or less 30 seconds of it.

Here are the videos JC took of our ride :))

On our way back to the city, we stopped by Marlito's Pink House to buy veggies and fruits. Mang Marlito is gay (thus the pink house) but he has a wife and children and gives huge discounts to suking mamimili. Win!

Lots of freshly picked tomatoes.

The guyabano that JC's dad bought from Mang Marlito was made into guyabano shake when we got home and I LOVED it so much I wish I could have it everyday.

We also bought sweet corn from Manong Marlito which was so good that even after eating rice, shrimps and lechon I ate another half serving of sweet corn. What is PG?

Great first day in Cebu!


Anonymous said...

Consolacion and Mandaue are two separate towns (the former is a municipality while the latter is a city)

Marye said...

No, I thought the brgy. we were in was Concolacion. Not Consolacion town. But will edit regardless. Thanks!