Thursday, July 05, 2012

Mariela is Now LEGIT!

I finally hauled my lazy ass off to my alma mater to claim that long overdue university diploma but first, a lunch in Beach House.

It was such a rainy Wednesday I almost doubted if Beach House was even open. I didn't see any smoke when the jeepney I was riding passed by the area. I lingered around SC first while waiting for JC (we were only meeting for a lunch date and then I'll meet a friend afterwards). Change of plan - he ended up coming with me to claim my diploma hahaha.

Anyway, Beach House's bbqs = walang kupas.

The famous Beach House pork bbq

With that classic sawsawan of course! I swear, it's not just some ordinary soy sauce :)

Dahil ubos na ang talong, itlog na maalat at kamatis combo, I opted for the adobong togue with tofu instead. It was delicious!

And so, after five years out of the university, I finally got my diploma. I am now legit! Thank you Lord :)

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