Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oscar Nominee Film # 2: Moneyball

If Rotten Tomatoes rated Moneyball with a whopping 94% on its Tomatometer, then you know that this film is not something you should shrug off as that-film-who-stars-handsome-Brad-Pitt. 

However, it isn't also one of those "sports movie" that you have in your mind. Mostly it's about what goes on behind the manager's room, the dugouts and the pitch. To quote a term, it's about "sports management".

Moneyball begins in year 2002 where an underfunded baseball team - the Oakland Athletics -just lost their 3 best players from other wealthier clubs. It is up to general-manager Billy Beane, with the aid of his senior scouts, to look for players that will replace the three from within their budget (which is really not much).

While negotiating with Cleveland Indian's GM, Beane meets Peter Brand, a 24-year-old economy graduate from Yale. Brand believes that a winning team is not necessarily made up of star players, instead a collection of talents that eventually will add up to the sum. He uses statistics in order to determine a player's weakness or strength, and from that information, together they built a team that ended with a baseball record.

It's not action-packed and for most people might be quite boring but I enjoyed watching every bit of it. It also doesn't hurt that I was watching Brad Pitt with his crinkly (or is that wrinkle?!) eyes who after all these years is still an eye candy. Definitely shows a formidable side of Pitt's acting career through the years. 

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