Thursday, February 09, 2012

An Impromptu Evening at Mad Mark's

Last night I finally got to try Mad Mark's Man Sandwich and Frozen Dessert. Although I live in Kapitolyo (and very near their place quite frankly) I never got the chance to try the newest food hub in our neighborhood.

Thank goodness for spontaneous night outs! We ordered their Lumberjack Sandwich and requested for it to be divided into 5 (we bought 1 and a half) just to have a taste of what it's like. And it didn't dissapoint! 

Here we are girls sans Joel who took the photo. We were also about to have a round of Uno card game after finishing our food.

Do not be deceived by its small size, it's actually very heavy on the tummy!

Lumberjack Sandwich

Oozing with mozarella!

Their Herb Parmesan Fries though for me was the surprise hit. It was a foodie gem!

Herb Parmesan Fries

And to cap the evening off, we of course ordered ice creams!  Half-Baked Madagascar (Madagascar Vanilla Bean with half-baked cookie dough), Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Mandheling Macchiato (made from fresh roasted Mandheling Arabica beans from Sumatra). The Mandheling Macchiato was my top choice among the three bilang Ben & Jerry's still holds the best cookie dough ice cream spot for me.

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