Saturday, February 11, 2012

Claim. Drink. Eat.

JC and I went to Venice Piazza today to claim our Discovery Channel Vertical Run singlets for tomorrow. The whole process didn't take us more than 10 minutes so we lingered around the area...

and found this outside.

We also spotted Susie dining with humans in a restaurant! Geno seems to be missing and it doesn't look to me that Susie misses her. teehee.

So we walked our way out of McKinley Hills towards the general direction of BGC. We found ourselves here.

I originally ordered Strawberry Surf Rider but found it too sour for my taste buds (candy fruity but sour actually) so I exchanged it for a Banana Berry instead. I love that Jamba Juice has this kind of rule so at least you won't be stuck with what you get if it turns out you don't like what you first ordered.

While waiting for our order to be called, who did we find? The Fat Kid Inside himself, Erwan Heusaff.

Now these are happy faces of satisfied customers. I love that my juice isn't too sweet because I'm still recovering from a recent bout with colds and coughs.

We went back to the general direction of High Street and Serendra for our last stop: Sonja's Cupcakes.

I was about to buy my usual favorite - PB&J - but then the Cheese saw this and said to try it instead.

Pistachio Berries 'n Cream

An afternoon well-spent (and budgeted!), tomorrow we run.

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