Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Suka Stories from Our Recent Trip Abroad

Warning: The following story will either gross you out a bit (or more, I dunno, depends on you) or lose your respect to me (kung meron man lol). I just wanted to write this down because 10 years from now it'll be a good/gross story to tell to my... sige na nga, future kids. Or wala lang, for record keeping lang.

Before this story let me tell you that I've only puked once in my life. I was 13 and down with the flu.

I don't get sick on bus, plane nor boat rides. Kahit sa bitukang manok sa Quezon, nu-uh.

Not even on theme park rides like this:

So when I woke up in the middle of the night, retching all the wonderful food (not anymore?) I stuffed my mouth with the previous day, I said to myself "patay tayo dyan".

Breakfast came. Raymond cooked for us, I ate so little. While the boys were playing NBA2k12, eto na naman po. Goodbye breakfast.

Fast forward 2 hours to ION Orchard. I drank tea to settle KJ tummy, slept while JC ate his Chicken Rice alone (oo natulog ako sa Food Republic my gas!). After my 15-minute nap, I stood up and we went back to walking.

Wala pang 50 steps, out goes the barf bag and the tea I drank earlier. Sayang naman ng $2.

I was probably more embarassed by this though than when I puked on South Bridge Road (more of that later). If somebody asks me, "nagpunta ka ION Orchard?" I'd sweetly reply "yes! nagsuka pa nga ko dun e.How memorable no?

After an hour, I tried eating again. Orange + Banana fruit shake and Pork Spare Ribs. Himala of all himala it stayed on KJ tummy!

However, I can still feel angry stirrings inside KJ tummy so I didn't rejoice just yet.

Off to Tiong Bahru to search for the best Chicken Rice in SG, well, according to Anthony Bourdain. Wrong TV show. The Layover pala yung nasa Tiong Bahru. Dun tayo sa No Reservations days pa nya.

Hopped back on a train towards Tanjong Pagar (the nearest station to Maxwell Food Centre) that houses the best Chicken Rice in Singapore (totoo na 'to promise!).

In SG, basta pinipilahan alam mong okay dun. Wow lang sa pila.

I still didn't eat much. Screw you KJ tummy!

From Maxwell Road we turned left and traversed South Bridge Road to North Bridge Road, passing Chinatown and too many to mention streets. I think it was somewhere near Upper Circular Road when the nasty feeling from the pit of KJ tummy resurfaced.

Of course it had to happen while we were crossing the road. Those people crossing from the other side were probably giving me the stinky eye but I couldn't care less. Ang hirap kaya, feeling ko pati baga ko ilalabas ko na!

JC was so worried pa kasi I accidentally let loose a bit of fluids from my barf bag to the pavement e di ba LAHAT BAWAL AT MAY KAUKULANG BAYAD SA SG hahaha. Wala kaming pambayad ng fine! Pero I can explain myself naman IN CASE lang. I think.

Thank goodness wala namang pumitong pulis.

Then JC forced me to drink Yakult (which I don't drink), buti na lang Apple flavored so napagtyagaan. (although actually bumili rin sya nun para sa plastic kasi wala na kong plastic kung meron pa uling susunod :))

After ng nakakahiyang mga pangyayari, KJ tummy finally settled down a bit. No more retching but still, di pa din makakain ng matino hmp.

Yun lang.

There goes my grand dream of SG food trip. Lakas maka-experience amp.

Kinabukasan, when we were back in KL, I got my monthly period.

Kung minamalas ka nga naman.

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