Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It seems my country will be declaring its new president not very long now. I am embracing myself for 6 years of leadership under his tutelage. I'm honestly wondering, who will be his first lady? Seriously, I don't and will not accept that it will be her youngest sister. What happens if the newly elected president of a nation is single? Never thought of it. Will research soon!

In other news, I am officially a year older. Perhaps not richer, prettier nor cooler but a bit "wais-er".
Here's to wishing another year filled with delightful surprises, madventures, hits and misses, ups and downs, unlimited movies & series downloads, heaps of books, music-drowning, NBA highlights, stranger's kindness, new friends to meet, old friends to keep, Stormtroopers geeking, food binging, turtle lovin', lazy days in beaches, island hopping, mountain trekking, running free, biking safely, laughing loudly, farting silently, meeting idols & icons, living fully, loving unconditionally, patience, leap of faiths, ice cream treats, humbling experiences, multi-colored dreams, debt-free cards, wisdom, kindness aplenty and free-flowing HAPPINESS.

Salamat, Bathala!

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