Saturday, May 08, 2010

Here Goes

On the big 'ol day, I wish and dream of some of these:
  • a letter/note (from anyone)
  • a cake (Karen's Kitchen's Chocolate Ganache, Manila Peninsula's King Oscar cake or Sucree's Dan's Devastation cake heehee)
  • a dinner/lunch/merienda from any restaurant that I haven't eaten before (ang dami ata nun pero basta pick one lang :)
  • a book (I'm still hoping for a Diary of a Wimpy Kid na hiniling ko nung pasko kaso nadedma lang ni Santa)
  • a nice pen (kahit mura lang!)
  • a plain white/gray shirt
  • libreng beach trip (kung hindi man kalabisan yun mwahaha)
  • mabawas-bawasan naman ang pawis sa kamay ko. Seriously. It's so frustrating not to mention hassle and kadire.
  • bumait na ko at mabawasan ang pagsusungit (which will only happen if i had --->
  • a job (God bless my soul)
  • for Gibo to win the election (God bless this country)
This time I won't ask for the stars, rather I'd just ask for a glimpse of the star. We gotta be realistic here. I've no dough. What if I ask na lang kaya for say, 10 pesos each from my FB or Multiply friend so I can collect money?? I knooow, L-A-M-E. Sorry.
Oooh, one more thing. For Celtics to get to the finals.
I just asked for the stars didn't I?

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