Friday, May 28, 2010

DC Fever

Since I can't watch the concert, I traipsed over at Glorietta for Dashboard Confessional's press con and meet and greet with fans, yes, because it was absolutely for free. Only sad I don't have anyone with me to scream along with that afternoon but the audience (the real fans, the one who knows that DC is absolutely not a boyband), we somehow connected. You know that feeling reverberating inside of you and you know that the person standing beside you is having the exact same pleasure and giddyness upon seeing the DC boys, fine Chris Carraba, and actually hearing them talk? I'm sure I felt it along with hundreds of fans who made their way to Glorietta to hear and see DC.

Chris, John, Mike and Scott were absolutely dashing and nice men who answered everyone's questions and entertained us with the kind of humor only natural where they come from. Thank you for stopping at Manila and giving your fans a chance to get intimate with you and your heart-wrenching songs. I wasn't there at your concert last night but I definitely could imagine how it went. *Kilig*

Photo ops with guest "local rock stars loyal" Steve Badiola of Typecast and Miggy Chavez of Chicosci.

Such a dreamy face, Chris.

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