Monday, May 17, 2010

Pool + Bingo Party!

Just when I thought the birthday party (and fever) is over, comes another surprise, And surprised really I was (though I'm practically grilling the Cheese over this one prior to finding out).

My dream bingo party just came true, the pool part was just an addition from the beautiful imagination of my friend Pam. Anyhoo, I'm so thankful to everyone who came despite the venue's proximity. To those who weren't able to come, I'm sure you have your reasons and I respect that. Pero sayang, di kayo nakapunta. It would've been more fun and riotous for sure.

It's funny how each year, new and different set of friends/people gather for my party. Whenever I skim over and reminisce about past birthday celebrations (wherever it may be), I find it really cool that while I could be with different sets of friends, there are also those who remain in the frame, unchanged. For that, I love you guys!


sarsi said...

Ako ang bumili ng BINGO at sinadya kong gawing prize ang sarili ko. joke!

i still need to redeem myself after the condom incident

I love you Marye!

Marye said...

And for that alone I am utterly thankful. And there's no need to redeem yourself, we're your friends anober.

I love you too Sars! Thank you!