Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009

My music: The Strokes, Keane, The Shins, Matt Nathanson, FOB and Sugarfree
My TV series: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Weeds, Ugly Betty and Glee
My Authors: Megan McCafferty and Jessica Zafra
Destinations: Cebu and Coron
Phrase: "Choosy ka pa?"
My Blog:

I lived for:
  • marathons
  • travels
  • Star Wars
  • geeky stuff
  • free movie screenings
  • reunions
  • getting through
  • turtles
  • job
  • warm and crazy friends
  • food trips
  • blog stalking
  • DS lite
  • biking
  • homecoming in Sorsogon
  • surprises
  • lappy
  • people I love who loves me too
There are so many things to be thankful this year. I guess 2009 was the hardest year for every Filipino. It was filled with devastating calamities, too many deaths, violence and injustices.

I was thinking that 2010 could be a possibly good year for us all but then again, it's election year so God knows what's still about to come. But for the mean time, I am sending a silent prayer of utmost gratitude to the main Man who rules the cosmo for everything that I accomplished, experienced, received and achieved this year. May you never tire of forgiving and hearing the same old stuff over and over again from me. :D

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