Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dislike with capital D

Watching New Moon is worse than watching a really, really bad Pinoy movie. One where rolling your eyes are not enough so you add gagging. Sheesh. I just don't get these two lovesick puppies, one that is a human, a very feeble human, and a stalker vampire in my opinion. A vampire whose only words are "you are my life" and "I cannot live without you...". There is absolutely nothing to quote from the books nor the films.

I'm not a fan. Obviously. I don't get why kids all over America are going gaga over it, not to mention the guy who portrays the vampire (that I seriously does NOT get at all!). But I digress. Seriously, the guy dropped you like that without ever explaining why, saying he don't love you yadda yadda, I mean would you believe that crap if you really knew each other? Denying someone of the truth is despicable.

Everytime Bella comes to Edward's aid and I see the pain in Jacob's eyes, it breaks my heart. The boy does not deserve that. The boy kept you alive, pulled you out of your miserable wretchedness when the man you love left you without giving you the benefit of explanation, and you can't even defend him? Because Bella Swan's mind is closed to everything else not Cullen related.

Bella Swan is one character that I awfully dislike. Actually, she doesn't have much of a character unlike thousands of other fictional and literary characters out there. I often wished that her maker made her even more... I dunno, a character with a character. It does not necessarily mean she has to be strong but she shouldn't be always saved every minute. She doesn't even smile (okay, so that's a bit more of Kristen Stewart maybe), doesn't even have a life outside the vampires. Bella could have been an interesting character without being too feisty but that's the problem, she never was near being a feisty girl.

Augh. I can go on but the idea exasperates me. It's annoying. The wolf pack are the only real characters and fun ones at that in the Twilight saga. I honestly believe they do not belong in this plot at all. They could've been better in another story probably.


Deb Froat said...

I know this is an old post but my friend just convinced me to read, Twilight. I HATE Bella already. Bleck. She is such a selfish person, never showing any gratitude for the people who show up in the ER for her, or her dad or her mom. She seems very shallow and self involved.

Marye said...

And that's a good way to define Bella: Shallow. Ack.