Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wishlist '09

1) Diary of a Wimpy Kid Do-it-Yourself Book

2) Fourth Comings by Megan McCafferty

3) Extra AAA rechargeable batteries (Kahit PowerBase 750 lang)
4) Shoe box or shoe rack.
5) Complete season series of Gilmore Girls whether pirated DVD or downloads, I will gladly accept. :)
6) Antivirus for my still-unnamed lappy kasi 63 days na lang mag-eexpire na yung Norton nya haha.
7) 2009 Planner.
8) Shorts, shirts (gray!), pants, plain flats. Medium, medium, 27" & 8".
9) Undergarments box/drawer (hahaha).
10) Pillow cases and bedsheets. Kahit second hand. (Sorry kung ginagawa ko nang mala- Salvation army goods 'tong listahan na 'to pero ganun talaga haha.)
11) Clinique Happy. Kahit yung peke lang heehee.
12) Centrum or Vitamin C, yung isang bote! Bawal magkasakit.

13) Anything Stormtrooper-y. :D

And for the dreamy wishes that is up to Him (and me as well)
- A job.
- Out of town New Year celebration (just like the previous couple of years). O sige na, kung dito man sa kalakhang Maynila, yung tipong kakaiba naman. Street party? Bars? Ayala? Luneta? Tagaytay? Rooftop? Someone else's backyard? You get the drift.
- A new place. No more dingy and crampy room. It adds to my depression but I know I haf no choice as of now. Pag naka-luwag-luwag na si Mariela pasasaan di't makakahanap sya ng maayos-ayos na tirahan. WANTED: housemate to help ease the house rent nyahaha.
-More travels! Within the country and outside the country. Amen.

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