Thursday, August 27, 2009

Soul Searching*

Today is my maternal grandmother's birthday, you know, the one where my mother got my first name. So here's to you and many more years ahead. I wish you good, good health.

Obviously, I wasn't able to post yesterday. I was sick and was not able to come to the office, no work, no office internet connection, no blog post. There. I hate being sick. It's totally the worst feeling in the world, aside from being alone of course. And it is especially worse because no one's around to take care of you, cook warm soup for you or just someone to yell at you to take your meds.

That's why I thank the Cheese for taking the extra mile(s) to come and visit sick-o me. Thanks for the Chicken Alfredo and the Gatorades. :)

Even the boss can be frustrated. Why of course they're human too. Whatever it was that was bugging him certainly became too much for him to handle that I supposed, his guard was momentarily let down.

It amazes me somehow, while he can be a pain in the arse, he can very well be a nice chap too. People. He's nice. As a friend. For a boss, maybe not really.. :D

You're just 22. Enjoy yer life. Leave if you must, if you can. Never stay for the wrong reasons. Smile na!

*cos that's what's playing in my list!

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