Monday, August 31, 2009


It's awful how I cannot write yet about the recent events that just happened. Sucks how I cannot upload the photos yet from Saturday's Dekada: Sugarfree with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. It'll have to wait until office hours. Boo. Now, this could probably be my driving force to finally ring the company with regards to my lost CC.

Yesterday, I finally watched Dinig Sana Kita with Kimi and the Cheese. It was okay. Makes you want to appreciate your ears more (actually all your senses). I love it though simply because Sugarfree was in it. How wonderful. <3!

Edit: I know itsounds too mababaw so I promise to write a better review of it soon sans Sugarfree. Heehee.


atticus said...

sino ba artista riyan? narinig ko rin sa isang kaibigan ko iyan.

Marye said...

Miss JJ! Click nyo yung title "Dinig Sana Kita" yun yung official page nila. Anak nung direktor yung bidang babae at isang deaf-mute naman yung bidang lalaki.

Eto, helpful linkd din: