Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Officially, it is my first anniversary in the company but technically, it wouldn't be until tomorrow. Haha. It's because, although it is stated in our contract that we'll start on the first of September, management advised us to come on the second day instead since they were still finalising stuff in the new office. Of course, we like that. Heehee.

So, happy first year to me and the rest of my batch mates in the office. Sooner or later we'll all be outta there. Now that's something we can all be happy about, but for the meantime, sanayin muna natin mga sarili natin sa mga padalang memo sa araw-araw.

Now for some breaking news in the local turf, Mar Roxas gives way to Noynoy as Liberal Party standard bearer. How about that!

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