Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I saw Gold!

So this is Balatoc Mines tour in a nutshell. Despite the rough road and a high-possibility-of-concussion-to-happen ride, the trip was great. These are my friends and we take the road less traveled. Bow.

That's gold you punk! At least specks of it.

Enjoying the tram ride. Weeee! But not in total darkness, no. TYVM.

These boots were certainly made for walking! At least in muddy mines they were.

Proud graduates! Heehee.

I love Baguio. Amazing how I never run out of things to do there. :)


ed said...

marye, pasend nang hi-res pics.. :P

Marye said...

Ha? Lahat?? Shocks andami nuuun! pili ka na lang tas sabihin mo sakin naaalala mong pic, tsaka ko send sayo :D

Hannee said...

nauna ka pa saking nakakita ng gold!?haha ano ba naman klaseng metallurgist ako! boohooo

Marye said...

Hahaha! Talaga? kala ko naman nakakita na kayo nung college!