Friday, September 04, 2009

Mochi + Cranium = LOVE!

Dezato night at New Manila, to taste their sought-after Mochi balls, turned out to be one FUN night. Aside from the delicious and scrumptious foods they serve (in generous servings too), the board game Cranium stole our hearts though. Yes, Dezato Cafe provide boardgames for their customers, a very cool idea indeed.

Assorted Mochi balls

Chicken Parmigiana. Nomnomerz.

We felt so much at home, oblivious to other eaters inside the restaurant. We were having too much fun even though the rules of the game are slighty complex to comprehend. Nevertheless, it still turned out as a success despite not really getting the whole American pop culture haha. I swear someday soon I will have a Cranium in my own hands!

All set for a round of Cranium.

Why hello there little Mochi balls!

Mochi balls on display

Cranium characters. Can you guess who's who?

Sculptorades: perhaps my favorite category. A player must sculpt the clue for their teammates to guess.

Mo(n)chi Monsters: Kimi, me, Mando and Jill

An attempt to promote Dezato :)

So what chu waiting for, get off your asses and head over to Hemady St. in New Manila and get yerself some Mochi balls! :D

*More photos in my multiply account.


Hannee said...

may bayad ba yang pagpopromote niyo ng lugar?hehe

Marye said...

WISH ko lang!! haha.