Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Art of the Brick

The scrimp in me almost made me skip this wonderful and once in a lifetime experience. I'm so glad I pushed though, pikit-mata paid the swanky cashier with my hard-earned $SG15. Ang drama!

A quick chika before I go on with the exhibit. On the elevator going to the 3rd floor where the exhibit was, there were persons on the lift. There were 2 guys talking to each other - one Asian and one Caucasian holding some food (?!?) on a styro - and me. I kept discreetly glancing on the Caucasian guy thinking if he was someone I know or have seen somewhere.

When the door finally opened to this.

He even smiled to me after bidding goodbye the Asian guy he was talking to. Fast forward to the end of the exhibit. That guy on the lift was this guy:

NATHAN SAWAYA, the brick artist himself! Rats. If I only knew.

Anyhoo, the Art of the Brick exhibit seriously gave me all the jimjams. If only I have someone to share it with and someone to take my photos this experience would have been nothing short of perfection, darnit :))

Bitternes aside, I present you some of the best brick works I've ever seen in my life that seriously made me wanna weep while looking at them. But I was alone and it wouldn't do me any good.

This Parthenon is MASSIVE!

ArtScience Museum got bricked

I didn't because you need to pay :))

Some of these are part of the exhibit while my bricked faces are not. That one was a free app!

For the finale, the star of the show: T-Rex! It was really big too bad I don't have a decent photo with it. I don't like those selfie shots kasi hihi.

If you ever find yourself in Singapore, I recommend that you catch Nathan Sawaya's The Art of the Brick exhibit on the ArtScience Museum. It will run until April 14th so better catch it now and prepare to be a lil kid again!

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