Sunday, August 05, 2012

Tuesday Lunch Out at Chicken Charlie

Along with some office friends we finally went and tried Chicken Charlie. The Abad Street branch in San Juan was the nearest to us so we went there.

They have this cute wall design.

This one wall design I liked so much.

Here's Maricris, my office nemesis. She thrives in annoying me by constantly disagreeing with anything that sometimes I'm not sure if it's personal. Lol. But I also annoy her whenever I can. But we're cool :)

Waiting for my order. Magical Jordan number!

Ay caramba they weren't kidding when they put that Extra in Extra Hot!

Here's what I ordered. Chicken Charlie's garlic chicken are cheaper (a bit) than BonChon's but I would gladly pay for that extra pesos because to be honest I found Chicken Charlie's version to be on the bland side (hence the need for that Extra Hot Pepper Sauce). If you've tried BonChon's soy garlic chicken you'll know what I mean. Theirs are just so darn tasty!

This is just my opinion. I wouldn't discourage anyone in eating at Chicken Charlie. I'm not like that :) Their staff are nice and very helpful so that's really a plus.

Chicken Charlie
15 J. Abad Santos Street
Little Baguio, San Juan

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