Thursday, August 02, 2012

Saving Up For a GoPro HD Hero2

My failed opportunity of capturing Oslob whale sharks led me to an obsession over snagging an underwater camera specifically GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor camera. I told you I was serious. After researching, comparing and mulling over the idea for 2 solid hours, I reckoned this is the camera that I wanted to buy. The reviews for GoPro HD Hero2 are not technically all praises but I haven't read any review out there that slammed and branded it as mediocre either. Saved from the dome waterproof casing, this little gadget has been approved and loved by many!

GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Camera
All the kits inside the box

GoPro HD Hero2 Outdoor Camera
GoPro HD Hero 2 in its underwater casing

Here's a sample video taken from GoPro's website using the HD Hero2 camera (Outdoor, Motorsports and Surf edition). Makes me wanna hop on a snowboard pronto but A) I don't know jackshit about snowboarding and B) I live in a tropical country ergo, no snow.

This video below of journalist Jake Warga about his adventures in Papua New Guinea has amplified my already hyperbolic excitement over purchasing one. Watch it, it's fun!

The best thing about this whole shebang is that the Cheese supports it. For now we're saving up enough money for a GoPro HD Hero2 which hopefully we can use on our Cagayan de Oro and Camiguin trip come September. Yay! *crossed fingers*

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