Monday, August 13, 2012

Lunch Buffet at Yanagi Japanese Restaurant

A month ago, some of us in the office availed of Metrodeal's Japanese Lunch Buffet in Midas Hotel. We were initially attracted to its price - 399 pesos - because we thought that time it was already a good deal for a buffet lunch.

Last Saturday, despite the torrential rains sweeping the metro, we braved and made our way to Midas Hotel in Manila. Yanagi Japanese Restaurant is located on the 2nd floor so we had to take an elevator to get there. We were there exactly in time for the opening of buffet

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant

We had this super tiny teapot  in the center table. Do not be deceived, it does not contain tea, it  actually contains soy sauce.

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant

Below is Kurage Kyuri Salad. I thought it was just some sort of "jellied" veggie but it turns out it's actually jellyfish. Oishii desu!

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant

Here's one of the chefs preparing the Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki dish are served on each table so no need to wait and pester the chef. :))

Yanagi Japanese Restaurant

To the sushi rolls table! I love their salmon sushi.

Look at the wasabi, 100 points just for the presentation! Looks like guacamole I want to stuff my face with its beauty but no.

Yasai salad. This one is my favorite out of all the food that was served in the buffet table. You have a choice of sesame or soba

I forgot the name of these. Basta they're custardly like with bits of veggies inside. A little too bland for my liking or maybe that's just how it's supposed to be. I'll never know.

Mi primera placa.

Sukiyaki was served.

Segunda placa. I had more of that yasai salad and salmon sushi =p~

Tempura was also served.

Dessert plates. Not much but they'll do.

A 399-peso Japanese buffet deal isn't that bad considering it's relatively cheap. But the only downside to this is that you have a limited selection of food. If you throw in an additional 200 pesos, you can avail of other unlimited buffet from other restaurants with much wider choices. But I ain't actually complaining here. This is one of those one-time experience I'm actually glad I took.

Mezzanine Floor, Midas Hotel
2702 Roxas Boulevard, Pasay 

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