Friday, August 10, 2012

How I Got A Patron Ticket in Snow Patrol Concert With Only One Photo To Prove It

Watching Snow Patrol concert was a last minute thing (more like a day) I decided on because you've probably heard about that nameless rain (it's a monsoon so unlike typhoons, they're never named) that caused massive flooding in various areas around the metro. 

But unlike missing Smashing Pumpkins, I had no guilt feelings over not missing this one because, well, the sun shone already the whole day promising better days ahead. Besides, I'm not sure Snow Patrol will be coming back here in the near future. I'm betting no, they're not gonna come back.

So I was panic-searching into scoring some good ticket deals over twitter and I had actually 2 people whom I contacted earlier in case I attended the concert by my lonesome self. Well, it didn't happen. I actually had friends who came (June and Jurang).

Juraine was able to talk to this guy selling patron ticket for 1,500 pesos a piece(the original price was 7,000). Wow. I knew it was such a good deal already but I really wasn't prepared for this so I was having second thoughts. Remember I watched Hanson a few months back and we stayed in General Admission section because I'm such a cheapskate. I said no and was prepared to wait for my contact to sell me her Upper Box ticket. Pero when I saw them holding their tickets, I caved in na rin. Haha. Talk about succumbing to peer pressure lol.

We were so scared that the tickets weren't even legit because the guy who sold it to us just got them for free! We were all so nervous even after we've passed the security! 

There were so many pretty people and uhm, celebrities walking around. This was totally not my turf! It was my first time in Patron, not even during college I was able to watch games there. Well, there's always a first time and here's mine.

About the photo thing. Below is the only one I managed to snap before my camera conked out on me. AGAIN. Seriously S100! Of all the days you must fail, you failed that night. /wrist moment lang talaga. 

Here's my view from where I sat. It was the closest I've ever been to a foreign band gig and it was such a bittersweet experience.

As for the concert, it was wonderful and emotional. I shed a few tears when they sang Crack the Shutters. Lol ang labo ng iniyakan kong kanta. They dedicated the song Lifening to us Filipinos as we stood gracefully and amazingly amidst disaster. Fine, those who were directly affected :) It was so beautiful I might make a Lifening version of my own, something that doesn't involve a dad in the lyrics hahaha.

Observation from the patron:

It was sad to see them fortunate people sitting on their seats looking bored, waiting for Chasing Cars to be sung. They paid a bloody sum of cash to get into their seats but, well, they seemed to only remember Snow Patrol as that band whose songs made it to Grey's Anatomy and Spiderman soundtrack (I was sort of happy they didn't sing Signal Fire. I'm evil).

That night, as I looked up into the bleachers above for the first time, seeing all the screaming fans who knew all the lyrics to all the songs, I came at peace. Even if I always seem to be stuck in the farthest section of Araneta Coliseum, I couldn't be any prouder. In that instant, I wished all the die hard fans of any musicians/artists/bands everywhere in the world get to jam in the  Patron/VIP/VVIP area cos I believe that they deserved it more than half of the people occupying the Patron/VIP/VVIP floor space. Especially those people that were just sitting down 75% of the show. Facepalm.

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