Sunday, June 24, 2012

Katipunan Saturdate

I rarely go to Katipunan these days  so if any reason pops out I immediately grab the opportunity. This time, I'm meeting someone to claim a prize for a friend. 

We decided to meet at Serenitea and while waiting ordered a large cup of Hokkaido milk tea. It felt like drinking coconut-fused milk tea haha.

After the short meet-up, we proceeded next door to Flaming Wings for a quick bite. I remember that this joint have been in Katipunan for a long time now but only eaten here once a long, long time ago.

We ordered Wing Meal (for the Cheese) and Tenders (mine). JC's meal came with this huge mango drink, even bigger than my Large Serenitea!

Here's the chicken wings in original sauce with wasabi mayo dip.

And here's my Tenders with Bleu Cheese dip.

Medyo meh yung sakin (not tender at all). As for the wings, I've tasted better chicken wings. But I'll give Flaming Wings 4 stars for its affordable food choices, best value for university students talaga :)

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