Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Despedida at Nolita

For my friend Reg's despedida lunch, we headed over to Bonifacio High Street and ate at this relatively new place called Nolita (short for North of Little Italy). Executive chef Cuit Kaufmann, the mastermind of this newest pizza joint in town, is also the same person behind Borough Comfort Food in Podium. It's his way of bringing NY-style pizzas from his home city to Manila so we could also have an authentic experience without having to leave the country.

We were so excited to eat here so we were all hyper and giddy on what pizzas to order only to find out that almost all of what we originally wanted to order were not available :( I would also like to point out the unapproachable/unfriendly staff there. We, along with other people in the line, wanted to ask him about the pizza flavours but he seemed too unwilling to entertain the customers. But in fairness to him, I noticed that he was the only guy reheating/making the pizza there but still, he could do with a smile :)

Nolita menu board

We ended up ordering Regular Cheese, Cheeseburger, Fresh Tomato & Garlic and Spicy Italian Sausage since most of their bestsellers were not available, what a bummer.

Instructions on how to go about ordering and eating in Nolita. Yes to "eat with your hands"!

They also sell imported beers which have really cute logos.

Everything is self-service. Get your own order, water and utensils.

We also ordered Beer Battered Onion Rings and Honey Garlic Chicken Wings for sharing.

Man oh man I fell in love with their Honey Garlic Chicken Wings. It's so good! I'm glad that their chicken wings are tasty as it is already for their dip was on the bland side.

We will miss you Reg and all our food escapades :( Goodluck in law school! We hope to see more of you despite your new schedule, future lawyer :)

From L-R: Ten, Reg and Romy


Regina Macapinlac said...

KAIYAK! Nako tuloy parin ang food hopping ah :) I'm just a tweet, a text away! No goodbyes :)

Marye said...

Yes! Don't you forget us!