Friday, June 01, 2012

The Bourne Legacy Trailer

This just in. The newest and probably the proper trailer of The Bourne Legacy. 

The Bourne Trilogy is close to my heart because of Matt Damon. The books are closer to me because I read all three when I was in college. I never stopped thanking Mr. Robert Ludlum because the books that he penned were incredible and I learned so much stuff (mostly espionage stuff and practical lessons) from them. The Bourne Legacy, however, is closest to me simply because there are scenes in the film (which you can see in the trailer below) that were shot in my home city, Manila, just a few months ago. There was a whole lotta hullabaloo about that cos you see it's not everyday that an international (read Hollywood) film crew gets to pick Manila as their choice location.

I am so proud to see our national transpo, the jeepneys, cruising along the screen despite being rammed and pulped over and over haha. Can't wait to watch the film, hope it does not disappoint (or rather I hope Renner does not disappoint).

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