Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Birthday Kimi!

Last Saturday, I headed to Baguio to visit my friend Kimi and godchild Kai Mykonos. Perfect timing because she also celebrated her 27th birthday the next day.

I have to admit though that I sort of suck because I took so few photos that day haha. I was distracted by Manny's game against Bradley (which sadly, he lost) and with the wonderful food from Happy Tummy. Yes, I was back at Ketchup Food Community once again (something to look forward to whenever I'm in Baguio).

Here's our cow girl, este, little Kai Mykonos on our way to Ketchup Place.

Here's Kimi chatting with her friends. There were other guests of course but I forgot to take photos nga, not even a group shot!

Between Sampaloc Juice and Thai Iced Tea, I chose the latter. Eep, too sweet. But nothing that an extra water can't fix.

Same goes to the Sampaloc juice. But it's really nice, something new.

Here's the first batch of the food. Hello pad thai, I missed you.

The bibi finally woke up and had a pensive look. Very, very Suri Cruise haha.

Same photo lang pala but on wider angle haha. I swear there were so many food I'm such an olats for not capturing them.

All in all, I'm sure that was one unforgettable birthday celebration for Kimi mainly because it was the day that Manny Pacquiao lost to Timothy Bradley (I don't even know the guy!). To say that Filipinos all over the country (and abroad) and international fans of MP were shocked is an understatement. They say Manny was robbed of a title that should be rightfully his. Don't worry, in our hearts, Manny's still the champion. Sino pa ba susuporta sa kanya kundi kapwa nya Filipino.

Aside from that, and the heavy rains that poured, I'd like to think (and hope) that Kimi had a great day. It may have been a quiet and simple occasion, but with your family and friends (no matter how few) beside you, for me (for me lang ha), is more than enough.

Later that day, after a hot cocoa that Tito Rolly fixed for everyone, he and Kimi dropped me off at Victory Liner terminal where we met our friend Juraine. She gave our cake present (okay more of her cos I haven't paid her yet hahaha) to Kimi, too bad we didn't get to taste it. We were all scrambling with our limited time. Kainis. But here's a photo of the cake from Kimi's instagram.

Last photo would still be of my ever growing inaanak. Until next time!

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