Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Paoay Kumakaway!

I gotta admit, Paoay's tourism slogan, corny as it may sound, is truly effective. You won't go an hour without singing (or simply uttering) that line haha. Kudos sa kung sino man ang nakaisip nyan (sino nga ba Gov.Imee Marcos??)! That lady has done wonderful things up north in all fairness. Laoag City is so clean and orderly! Paoay Church is well-maintained and preserved, kitang-kita naman.

Paoay Church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the four Baroque Churches we have here in the Philippines (which luckily I've completed seeing last, last year woohoo).

It was JC's first glimpse of the church as he was not able to come here when he first toured Ilocandia with his family.

I don't know much about designs and architecture - okay make that I don't know anything at all - pero ang masasabi ko lang, napaka-impressive lang ng facade ng simbahan na 'to. According to wikipedia, it's reminiscent daw of Borubudur's architecture. Ang bongga!

The bell tower standing next to it is equally breathtaking.

I learned something new today. These fortress-like walls are called buttress pala. They are meant to support the structure especially during earthquake occurrences, something that totally complement its style. Baroque na baroque talaga!

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