Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Herencia Cafe: Birthplace of Pinakbet Pizza

When I first made my way up north - specifically Paoay - I was not yet aware of Herencia Cafe. I don't know how my friend and her family (who I was with that time) missed it but somehow we did.

No worries though as I was given another chance just a few weeks ago! After rehearsing and recording Ate Patty and Kuya Mac's wedding dance performance in front of Paoay Church, we ran into the comfort (and shade) of this restaurant. There was some slight problem though, there were lots ABS CBN crew as there was an ongoing shooting at the time inside the cafe. The staff, with their oven and boxes of pizza, were kicked out of their own place. Si Erich Gonzales daw! But we never saw her naman haha.

You got it right, Herencia Cafe is home to the famous and must-try-kahit-once Pinakbet pizza.

We ordered a 2-n-1 sampler one half of which was Pinakbet and the other half Dinuguan.

When the pizza was served to us, we were all wondering where the blackness of Dinuguan went. It was more like Bagnet pizza to us mmm. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that under all the cheese there you'll find the dugo. Ang fun lang!

The verdict: Pinakbet pizza is something that vegetarian (and vegetable lovers) will enjoy but for regular carnivore folks like us, it's definitely something new to our palate. I'm more used to eating garden vegies on pizzas not this gulay ulam, but it's alright. You'll certainly come across a yummy okra in one bite then be chewing bitter ampalaya on your next one. Surprises, surprises!

As for the dinuguan half, it was simply delicious. Sorry palpak talaga ko when it comes to describing food, basta masarap sya, promise!

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