Tuesday, May 01, 2012

2012 Birthday Wishlist

Hello my favorite month. I've been making this list since I started blogging in '05. After rereading a few entries, even I was surprised to remember that in '06 one of my 3 only wishes was to eat in a fastfood or a restaurant. '06 remains to be the most difficult year of my life and look how time has changed.

Anyway, here goes:

  • A cake with sparklers (2 years ko na 'tong wish!).

  • Book 5 in the Song of Ice and Fire series. PS: paperback edition is available now, 315 pesos only!

  • Pretzel M & M's!

  • Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon's Daytripper. Available at National Bookstore.

  • A new mouse because my old CDR King mouse conked out on me already. Ok lang kahit CDR king pa rin hehe.

  •  Neutrogena daily moisturizer

The usuals/recycles on my wish lists:
  • socks
  • postcard (from where you are. I'll give you my address!)
  • dinner at a restaurant I haven't eaten before
  • cheap telly
  • Strength for Boston Celtics to get through playoffs
  • good health
  • more travels
  • Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Black
  • Justice for Maguindanao massacre victims
  • World peace
And for the new ones:
  • A new phone to replace the one I lost :( (It's not iPhone but it's good enough haha)
  • new undies (medium size!). This'll be my new mainstay in the list, next to socks.
  • sorta formal watch for formal occasions
  • formal bag for formal occasions
  • sharper NOT dwindling memory
  • an APPROVED visa application
  • Free Jonas Burgos!

The rest I know I'll have to work on myself such as savings for Bali 2013Machu Picchu 2014, Egypt 2024, outer space 2099...

But with or without any of these, I'm blessed enough because I have work, a roof over my head, an electric fan to lessen the insane summer heat, eyes that can see, water on the fridge, internet connection, sturdy legs, wits to get me through the day, 5 remaining episodes of Game of Thrones, trips to look forward to, friends, extended families, kind and loving boyfriend, grandmas to say I love you to despite the distance and a God to whisper my thanks, wrongdoings, secrets and wishes every night.

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