Monday, April 11, 2011

2011 Birth Wishlist

In a month's time, I will be a year older again. Like a Christmas wishlist that I religiously do, I also write of birthday wishes which do not necessarily equate to people giving me what I wrote down here :)

1) Socks. I will never get tired of asking for a pair (until I actually get one!)
2) Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion
3) New bathing suit
4) Postcard from wherever you are (I'll give you my address if you want to send me one, let me know!)
5) Birthday (pan)cake with sparklers!
6) Daytripper by Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá
7) G12
8) Beach or any out-of-town trip.
9) Breakfast/Lunch/Merienda/Dinner date with you. Oo nga, with you!
10) Printer ink. Which I think ako rin naman ang bibili haha.
11) Maraming scrunchies!!!
12) A big bag of Cheetos
13) Book, book, book
14) Sana makuha ko na Diploma ko (na for pick up na lang naman :))
15) To eat in a new restaurant/place (just like last year too!)
16) For Celtics to put their act together so I could watch them in Finals
17) A television. So I can watch NBA playoffs
18) Stormtrooper stuff
19) 10 Pesos from each of my Facebook friend (for my 2014 fund hehehe)
20) Earthquake-free Japan (I know it's impossible so let's make it an earthquake-free-for-a-while Japan :))
21) Philippine peace
22) World Peace

Since this is obviously my personal blog, I wish people from all parts of the world who'll land on this page - whether we're friends or not or whether you landed on this site by chance - will give me a shout out on the 11th on the comment section. I would be super grateful if you opt to send me a postcard in exchange for bday shout outs hehe. That's what wishes are for!


Anonymous said...

Marye! I want to send you a postcard. :)

Marye said...

Wow, thank you Carla!!! I'll DM you in twitter my address :D

Hannee said...

Akin na yung socks ha!!! :p See you next week!!!! Pede akong ng wednesday :)

Marye said...

Ilang pairs? joke. Thanksss and see ya soonest!