Monday, April 04, 2011

7th iBlog Summit

Last Friday, the whole E-Business team attended the 7th iBlog Summit held at UP College of Law Auditorium in UP Diliman. Being a newbie in this sort of thing, I was excited mainly because we'll all be out of the office for a change and I'm so keen into learning (new) tricks or catching some helpful tips to improve this blog.

Well, let me put it this way instead - it did not turn out to be as fun, educational and exciting as I thought it was. And I have a high tolerance for sucky conferences/summits. But, I won't delve onto that anymore as I've already had my fare share of laughs with some of the booboos committed in this blog summit thingie. (Hint: ineffective and grammatically wrong speakers. I mean, come on, the thinking people deserve more than that. They call themselves professional bloggers, the least they can do is keep up with the title.)

However, I loved (and I think everyone else in the room too) Carlo Ople's super bitin talk. We all wished he was the speaker the rest of the morning, even the rest of the afternoon pa! I also liked Sir Howie Severino's topic though it focuses more on other platform of blogging (meaning the Facebook and microblogging such as Twitter).

Setting all the boring speakers aside, the unbelievably tundra-ic coldness in the auditorium, the important-looking albeit distracting participants/bloggers with their open laptops/netbooks (what could they be typing?? the internet connection sucked so maybe they're typing down the minutes? I kid, I kid. Of course, they're blogging), I had fun. Especially after half of our team won some prizes at the end of the event heehee.


Grace said...

Hi Marye,I'm glad that there is a growing demand for seminars on blogging and socia media in the Philippines. It think we have a lot to offer on the blog-o-sphere than most of our Asian counterparts. But of course I say that because I am biased =)

Marye said...

OMG thank you for dropping by in my blog! Gosh I'm so surprised, I love reading your blog and I wish that someday I could also travel as extensive as you. I will keep on saving for travels even if I have to work my ass off til I'm 75 :D