Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gatorade, we have a problem!

Earlier this morning, as I was about to open a bottle of Gatorade, I noticed a black shadow that I automatically thought to be some dirt smeared on the bottle. I wiped it with some paper towels but still the black shadow won't come off and that's when I realized it's not dirt. I examined the bottle and upon closer inspection, found out that the black shadow is actually inside the energy drink.

It looked like some kind of moss/mold floating inside Gatorade with greenish/blackish color. I bought 2 of this (the other is lemon-lime flavor) last Saturday in SM Megamall Supermarket which I was supposed to consume for the next day's Tour of the Fireflies (Sunday, April 17) but at the last minute decided against, so it remained on the refrigerator until I picked it up this morning.

You can't possibly miss it cos it's huge! It gave me and my officemates the creeps just looking at it nggghhhh.

Now it made me wonder if there are more of this effing "thing" floating inside other Gatorade bottles somewhere in the metro. What's going on Gatorade manufacturer?!?! How did this happen? How did this pass QA??!?

So if you have any plans of buying bottled drinks just try to be careful, look at the product first before purchasing them. Make sure nothing's floating inside!


LR said...

You can call them and complain. I smell a lawsuit. Joke! hahaha! Game!

ponkan said...

kadiri amp! pano yan nakalusot sa gatorade e sobrang laki nyan!?

Anonymous said...

Boo! Down with Gatorade!

Anonymous said...

ewww... yuckkk!

Anonymous said...

The Spawn of Nessie.


Sunshine Corazon

Anonymous said...

There really is something in the drink!

Sunshine Corazon

Unknown said...

After drinking some of my Gatorade I discovered what seemed to be a large amount of a black/purplish shadowed substances that appears to be moss/mold floating at the bottom of my Gatorade too! I would love to hear from about what you think and would like to know if its happen to any else! this just happed to me.

Marye said...

Oh my gosh! I'm sorry you drank it! Can I ask where you're from and what Gatorade flavor was it?

I have an officemate who found a post with the same experience as you, unfortunately you both drank it.

A representative have already called me but I'll submit the gatorade for an independent inspection cos the lady that's been calling me plans to retrieve it from me I guess (they'll do the tests!?!).

Anonymous said...

must your call the factory hotline and compalin .... or Tell the Cashier From Supermarket/Convince Store And Get Refund/Replace SEE!