Sunday, March 20, 2011

Productive Saturday

Too many errands today. Started at 10 am, got home to rest at 10 in the evening no wonder Mac & Cheese were SO exhausted. Thank you for coming with me!

I had no intention of buying shoes for myself but it I couldn't resist buying this Stan Smith because of its super marked down price. I know, last na 'to.

Then proceeded to Borough for lunch where we finally availed our coupon. Super sulit! Borough is open 24/7, so you can always get your New York "comfort food" any time of the day.

A lot of people know that I'm not a milk person, I probably stopped chugging milk when I was 2 (I won't really know, I was making that up could be earlier or later) and that's that. But their milk was different! It tasted of melted vanilla ice cream which was so good, totally complemented the freshly baked cookies.

At past 2pm, we were on our way to Rockwell to claim the poster I won from Jessica Zafra's contest a few weeks ago (I'll post a pic soon!). But instead of heading straight to National Bookstore, we sauntered at Nike, Team Manila then Rustan's Supermarket. The Cheese and I were so impressed with what they sell (Rustan's grocery), stuff that we don't normally see in regular groceries. We were especially beguiled with the frozen section: steaks, hams, t-bone, etc. Wowowow. The photo above I reckon are Korean ice cream. Mmm.

A Team Manila jeepney in the middle of Rockwell! The doodles on the side are sooo kyot too.

When we finally found NGR's booth in GB3, we were kinda upset with the unavailability of singlet. Meaning we have to return if the stocks arrive, probably on Wednesday or Thursday. Tsk. I swear this is the first and last time I will join NGR. They're raking too much money out this but can't seem to manage providing the most important item on the list (trekking to GB3 is such a feat already, I'm sure it's inconvenient to a lot of people!), actually, most of running events now not just them :|

Seriously got squished on MRT on our way home. Man, I am so thankful to the Lord that I don't have to take the train to work everyday.

Grocery shopping at Landmark. Late dinner. Home. Surf. Sleep. Zzz.

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Hannee said...

Di na kami sasali sa Nat Geo :( Mahal masyado!
Tayo naman ang magchelsea :) yay!
Kaya pala broke ka e, shopping.hehe