Sunday, March 27, 2011

Down to the River

Some of the most successful people in this world had to go through various levels of hell before they got to where they currently are. For those that did, I say you deserve all the reaping you're getting.

Living in the Philippines, where the severe gap between the rich and the poor is as obvious as a full moon in the night sky, can sometimes break your confidence and belief that someday, somehow your life will be better. With the top 10% families raking more money than the entire population of the country, and the middle class families just being their middle class selves, how do you suppose the 65 or more per cent of the Filipino families are faring with all these? This is the reason why I have a love and hate relationship with fancy spaces. At the end of the day, after ogling with all the wonderful, amazing and pretty things behind and beyond the windows, you know in your heart that you are different from them. They speak differently, act differently, move differently. I admit I feel inferior whenever I'm near their kind. I know it's not right but I just can't help it.

But it was something that I never felt during my short venture outside the country. Nor felt whenever traveling/seeing/interacting with other nationalities here in our own soil. Maybe because I see them eating the same food as we do in the same street food stalls, staying in places we ourselves would stay in -or sometimes even in places we ourselves couldn't imagine staying. Come to think of it, where they come from, I'm pretty sure they don't live anything like that. I dunno, maybe they're also middle class citizens of their respective nations but at least I don't see them getting very scared interacting with common people.

With our elite people here, expect the walls to be built up high. They're skeptic that way.

Just some random cents. More on this soon. Kthxbye.


Hannee said...

Hmmm...i wonder what's on your mind when you wrote this? ;)

ponkan said...

ang lalim, wala ko naintindihan! =))

Marye said...

@ hannee Social inequality sa Pilipinas bilang galing akong GB. Wola lang.