Friday, March 11, 2011

Hang On Japan!

One moment I was reading about this massive earthquake hitting Japan, and the next thing you know tweets about the horrible tsunami was flooding my twitter dashboard. I ran to pantry, swtiched the channel to CNN and boy oh boy, what I saw made me cringe in horror. The images that I was seeing on the tube was something you'd only think you'd see straight out of movies. But this was really happening, it was real.

My prayers goes to all the people, especially those that were directly affected by the tsunami that was triggered by the massive (and shallow) 8.9 earthquake. Japan is built to survive situations like this, they know exactly what to do in earthquake and tsunami crisis, but still, a tragedy is still a tragedy, and we can only extend our prayers to them.

As of 8:12 PM (Manila time), the after effects, also in the form of tidal waves, have already reached the Philippine area, fortunately they are not damaging enough. Hoping that the second wave will also be the same, until then all Filipinos living in coastal areas must exercise caution and safety by relocating to higher ground. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Fingers crossed.

All images from dailymail.

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