Wednesday, January 05, 2011

An Idiot Abroad

At first, it would be hard to believe that Ricky Gervais is actually friends with the star of An Idiot Abroad - a chap from Manchester named Karl Pilkington. Ricky constantly making fun out of the bloke, with his ridicules and gaily laughter at the expense of the other guy, you wouldn't believe it at all.

But they are. Really.

After all, he personally asked the guy to star in a travel series (co-executive producers with his other mate, Stephen Merchant).

I find Mr. Pilkington a very unique person. His eccentricities are something that I, perhaps never could've imagine to be possessed by another human being. The man who seemed to be frowning most of the time, as if contemplating the deep science of the universe, faraway looks that compel you to ask yourself "what exactly is this man thinking at this moment?"

He might not know a lot of things and might often hold an odd opinion about what he sees, he really is a charming man. I enjoy watching him as he go to places a lot of people, including me, are dying to go only to blurt out funny and quirky remarks.

If you haven't seen An Idiot Abroad yet, I suggest you watch it. Now.

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